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        Your night starts here

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        Night Owl is the smartphone app that will bring the nightlife industry into the 21st Century, by reducing the need for paper flyers, paper guestlists, and the large amount of cluttered information about different nightclubs and bars.

        – said Laurence Prax, Director at Night Owl, who is only 23 years old and has plenty of stories of unplanned nights out gone wrong.

        Alex Antoniou – the other Director behind this project is only 1 year younger and very much enjoys the use of the company card for “research purposes”.

        Together they perfected the idea of a unique guide for those who like to stay out until the sun rises. The trick of the app is that nightclubs and bars may register their venue for free and provide the latest and most exact info themselves. The app is currently available worldwide on the Apple AppStore.

        Only shows what’s still open late at night

        App summary

        Night Owl is a searchable guide with a variety of search criteria from location, prices and ratings to finding specific night types such as Student. The app will also only display what is still open when you’re out really late which makes it the essential tool for a true Night Owl.

        With this app users may choose a venue according to their current location, make a list of favourites, check in and see who else has, add themselves and friends to the guest list, and much more.

        Access to exclusive offers and guestlists

        Our vision

        At present Night Owl is a rapidly growing network of nightclubs and bars that have registered with us for free. Night Owl is then able to consolidate this data and stream it directly to the app ensuring that it is always fully up to date. We will continue to target key cities so that Night Owl eventually becomes global and the only app you’ll ever need to plan your nightlife.

        For more information please contact us at info@NightOwlApp.com

        slotxo เติม วอ ล เลท
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